Irans cultural and media programs for the Qatar World Cup

به گزارش وبلاگ اسبیکو، Tourism online: The Qatari Minister of Culture, together with the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, visited the Tehran Book Fair. On the sidelines of the visit, Mohammad Mehdi Ismaili announced the preparation of Iranian cultural and media programs for the World Cup hosted by Qatar.

Irans cultural and media programs for the Qatar World Cup

According to the khabaronline agency, Abdul Rahman bin Hamad bin Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Minister of Culture of Qatar, today (Thursday, May 19) visited the 33rd Tehran International Book Fair.

The visit was also attended by Mohammad Mehdi Ismaili (Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance) and Yaser Ahmadvand (President of the 33rd Tehran International Book Fair). He visited the international section of the book fair, the Oman booth, the Grant booth and several booths of local publishers.

Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Mohammad Mehdi Ismaili told reporters on the sidelines of the visit: We have signed a memorandum of cooperation with Qatar between the two countries, which is a very good cooperation. This trip was also a prelude to the implementation of this memorandum.

We have plans there, he said, adding that he would travel to Qatar in the near future. We have also prepared cultural and media programs and cultural programs for the FIFA World Cup. The Qatari government wants the Islamic Republic to assist them in the World Cup debate; This event is an important event and several million people are expected to enter Qatar in a short time. We are also trying to support this in the region. We have the best relations with Qatar today and we want to expand into the cultural and media fields.

The Minister of Guidance continued: Many of our friends and artists from the music and painting industry travel to Qatar. The Qatari Minister of Culture also expressed interest in increasing these relations, and I hope that good things will happen in this discussion. Of course, we follow the same cultural relations in other countries.

Referring to Lebanons participation in the book fair, Ismaili said, The Qatari Minister of Culture visited the fair today.In the coming days and weeks, the ministers of culture of the region will come to Tehran and we will move in line with the governments macro-policy, which is to discuss relations with neighboring countries.

Regarding the extension of the book fair due to air pollution due to a day off, the Minister of Guidance said, The issue of extending the fair is being considered, but the important advantage of this years fair has been holding it virtually, and we may extend the virtual section. Physical extension, different institutions are involved. The final decision has not been made, but we plan to extend it in person or online so that people who have missed the opportunity to buy the book can attend the exhibition.

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